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Licking County Treasurer

"The Treasurer's office has been blessed with great stewards over the years. I'm honored to have the opportunity to serve our great County as Treasurer." - Roy Van Atta 



Effective Local Leader

Conservative Republican

Christian Family Man


Roy Van Atta is a lifelong resident of Licking County and a proud 1981 graduate of Newark High School. Roy continued his education at Miami University, earning a Bachelor's Degree in Business Finance and then an Associate's Degree in Mortuary Science from the Cincinnati College of Mortuary Science.

Roy and his family have a long history of service to their community. For more than 25 years, Roy was privileged to serve thousands of families as a licensed Funeral Director/Embalmer at Henderson, Van Atta & Johnston, where he served as president and treasurer before selling the funeral home in 2008. Roy spent the next four-plus years working with families as a financial advisor and portfolio manager at an investment group. From 2012 through 2020, Roy served as clerk for the Licking County Board of Revision. In this capacity, he helped thousands of property owners lower taxes on their homes and businesses. Roy also served as the Executive Director of the Licking County Land Reutilization Corporation (Land Bank), from 2015-2020. His work with the Land Bank resulted in more than 70 demolitions of vacant and abandoned properties throughout the County. Roy was also been able to move more than 150 properties from delinquency into the hands of responsible property owners!


Getting results and solving problems is part of Roy's DNA. He is fiscally responsible, believes in limited government, and will work to create government efficiency.


A committed husband and family man, Roy has been married to his wife and best friend, Patti, for 33 years. The Van Atta’s are active members of Newark Nazarene church, where Roy served on the Board, plays drums in the praise band and Patti teaches Sunday School. The couple have two adult children, Katie and Alex.


Roy is a conservative Republican, pro-life, and a "Life" member of the NRA who holds a conceal-carry license.

About Roy


Professional Financial

The Licking County Treasurer's office deserves a high level of professionalism and financial expertise. My business personality is built for this position. My 30+ years of financial management experience has prepared me to act as the steward of County funds.

Great Customer Service

Every resident who interacts with the Treasurer's office should have a professional, courteous and efficient experience. Excellent customer service has been my calling card for my entire professional career.

Effective & Efficient Leadership

The Treasurer's office is only as good as its staff. They are on the front lines of providing direct service to the public -- every single business day. The Treasurer's office will benefit from my 30+ years of working with and leading others with excellence.


Roy Van Atta is humbled by the support of every living Licking County Treasurer since 1980. Below are a few of the comments from community, civic, and religious leaders from throughout

Licking County

"I have worked with Roy for several years in many capacities. I have witnessed his professionalism, character, dedication, and his commitment to serve."

County Commissioner Duane Flowers

“Having known Roy Van Atta for decades, I can attest to his extraordinary character, work ethic, and management skills. He would be an outstanding steward of taxpayer dollars while serving as your next Treasurer.”

- Former Treasurer Scott Ryan

"Roy's management style, desire to serve, and his ability to utilize technology, will serve him and the people of Licking County well as Treasurer."

County Clerk of Courts & past Treasurer Olivia Parkinson

"Roy is a man who exhibits extraordinary virtues that one admires in a leader. He is honest, loyal, and hardworking. He has a servant's heart for his family, his church, and his community."

Pastor at Newark Nazarene Church and LMH Chaplain Cheryl Simpson



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the Treasurer's office deserves.  


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